Environmental Remediation

-mental Remediation

Powerful, Affordable Remediation for the Most Challenging Sites

The groundwater and soil remediation of private and public sites due to industrial activities is expected to continue to increase as regulations and their enforcement toughen around the world. Yesterday’s lightly regulated and unregulated industries are a thing of the past yet there’s still decades worth of environmental harm requiring attention. 

At APT Water, we’re often pulled into challenging remediation sites by contracted engineering firms responsible for the clean-up because our solutions are powerful, fast, and affordable to run. For example, at sites where we find coincidental PFAS contamination, our HiPOx system is flexible enough to incorporate a right-sized carbon bed that neutralizes any residual hydrogen peroxide to adsorb the PFAS mass in the treated water. This provides a less costly treatment alternative for PFAS mass while also effectively treating other challenging contaminants. This all means if the largest environmental consulting companies in the world trust our technology, so can you.

Our Remediation Solution Options


High performance advanced oxidation for municipal, industrial & remediation applications that’s often a fraction of the cost & energy use than alternatives.


In-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) technology for the remediation of contaminated soil & groundwater that’s 35-50% more powerful & 1 billion times faster than alternatives.

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