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HiPOx, A Proven Solution For Drinking Water Taste And Odor Issues


HiPOx is the most powerful ozone-based AOP system on the market, and the best available technology for drinking water AOP process. In contrast to UV and chlorine disinfection systems, HiPOx destroys trace contaminants and meets the most stringent disinfection standards while simultaneously removing odor and color to provide the safest and most aesthetically pleasing reclaimed water.

Additionally, HiPOx is more economical and sustainable than UV-AOP or Reverse Osmosis. HiPOx-DWR is the most economical and sustainable security money can buy to combat shortages, droughts, and competing demands for drinking water.


HiPOx Key Features

  • MIB ,Geosmin (sources of taste and odor problem) and other contaminants are destroyed rapidly by the hydroxyl radical
  • APTwater has conducted multiple bench and pilot-scale tests demonstrating significant reduction in ozone dose and reaction time when operating in HiPOx AOP mode

ARoNite, A Proven Solution For Drinking Water Nitrate Removal

ARoNite™ (Autotrophic Reduction of Nitrate) process is a hydrogen-based biological treatment system for the removal of oxidized contaminants from water or wastewater. The process uses native microorganisms to biochemically respire nitrate. The nitrate is then converted to innocuous gas and discharged. As the autotrophic biology meets its carbon requirement from the influent stream by using inorganic carbon, the process eliminates the need for methanol and produces minimal waste sludge compared to other carbon-based biological processes.

The ARo- technology has applications to reduce other difficult contaminants, including Chrome VI, Perchlorate and Selenate.

ARoNite Key Features

  • Cost-efficient alternative to conventional RO and IX processes
  • All natural process, no organic carbon source added
  • No Brine or concentrate
  • No waste hauling problem
  • Energy saving and less biomass yield
  • Final sludge non-toxic suitable for use as soil amendment


CDPH( California Department of Public Health ) Approval

NSF-61 for drinking water system certificate

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