Sales Engineer Wanted

Sales Engineer for APT Water LLC, Master Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering.
Salary $123,635/Year. Rsm to H.R. 981 Garcia Ave, # E, Pittsburg, CA 94565

Job duties:

Prepare technical presentations, including technical strengths and solutions to different applications, to promote the APT Water patented environmental products and engineering services to existing and prospective customers. Assist sales personnel to understand technical features and requirements of projects, support technical discussions in client meetings, and preparation of monthly reports on the company’s sales activity and technical competitiveness. Communicate with clients and their engineers to assess the water treatment and environmental equipment needs and to determine system requirements for projects. Provide technical support, including preliminary design of solution and analysis of alternative technical approaches, to commercial inquiries and respond with commercial proposals with test data and designed technical features. Direct and/or conduct bench tests to demonstrate the applicability and efficiency using APT Water’s proprietary technologies on client’s cases at lab-scale, write test reports to present to clients during sales contract engagement stage, and customize the APT Water’ water treatment products to meet specific technical needs in projects. Be involved in the design, build, and operation of APT Water’s AOP environmental water treatment equipment (commercial systems), and help clients solve technical problems in the full cycle of the equipment sales projects. Support the continuous technical development and improvement of APT products. Assist with the development of promotional materials such as product flyers or pamphlets, explaining the technical features of APT Water’s proprietary products to technical writers or marketing personnel. Additional responsibilities may include establishing and maintaining the sales proposals, sales record reporting and reporting system.