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Total Water Treatment Solutions

  • The HiPOx® process is a recognized leader in environmental remediation market segment with over 75 commercial installations
  • HiPOx® is increasing market penetration in the Municipal, General Industrial and Mining market segments
  • The PulseOx® process Has demonstrated success in soil / groundwater remediation with over 200 commercial installations
  • The ARoNite® is an innovation technology cleans water sources affected by nitrates, chrome, achieves the reuse of the wells shut down for contamination, solve water crisis.

APTwater develops and commercializes innovative water treatment technologies and provides total solutions for applications in:

  • Drinking water
  • Remediation
  • Water reuse
  • Process water
  • Waste water

Clean Water. No Waste.

We believe a key to unlocking economic value is to clean water without creating a new waste stream.

Benefits to Customer:

–Minimal waste disposal fees

–Minimal transportation costs

–Reduced long term liability

–Reduced regulatory, permitting and licensing costs

California-Inspired Water Treatment Solutions

  • California leads the world in proactive environmental management.
  • This leadership places a heavy economic and competitive burden on California businesses and communities.
  • APTwater’s mission is to help industry & society meet this challenge by increasing the effectiveness and driving down the costs of water treatment.
  • We accomplish that goal though the design, manufacture and operation of innovative, waste-free process technologies.
  • What “works” in California will succeed internationally.