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Laboratory Testing Services

HiPOx – Bench TestingHiPOx-bench-test

  • HiPOx bench test is used to determine effectiveness and efficiency of HiPOx technology to achieve the customer’s treatment objectives
  • Bench test is a necessary design tool
  • Determine appropriate dose rates of O3 and H2O2 for scale-up to field units
  • Correlation of results are very good and scale-up has been successful
  • The results of bench test may allow for a Performance Guarantee
    • If project is unique, new, or extremely challenging, then the BT may be a preliminary step towards a pilot
  • Bench Test:
    • Pre-defined number of runs at different doses rates
    • Results used to plot a destruction curve for the specific contaminant and water quality conditions
    • Curves provide a model, and can be used to predict dose requirement for any required destruction


Typical Case In Environmental Remediation:

H&A – Boeing, Huntington Beach, CA

  • 2600 ug/L of 1,4 – Dioxane, 130,000 ug/L of IPA, 150,000 ug/L of Acetone
  • Treatment Objective
    • 1,4-Dioxane: NPDES discharge goal (<3 ug/L) and POTW discharge goal (<20 ug/L)
    • Acetone (<20,000 ug/L), IPA (<160,000 ug/L), and Methylene Chloride (<20 ug/L)

dioxcane-ozone-dose-response dioxcane-ozone-dose-response-chart2

Typical Case In Industrial Process Water

  • Influent COD = 180 mg/L
  • Treatment Objective COD < 100 mg/L