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Press Release 02/16/2015

McWong Environmental Technology Purchases Major Business Units from Long Beach based Company ULTURA to form Subsidiary APTwater LLC


SACRAMENTO – McWong Environmental Technology (MET), a leading industrial wastewater company based in California, with operations in North America and China announced today that it had acquired assets of the Delaware Corporation ULTRA, Inc.’s (ULTRA) HiPOx® and PulseOx® Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) and ARo-Nite® Biological Reductive Process Business Units. These state of the art processes are high-tech solutions for difficult to treat waters.

The patented HiPOx process, now acquired by MET, utilizes ozone and hydrogen peroxide to generate hydroxyl radicals (OH·) one of the strongest oxidizing agents available in the industry. HiPOx was introduced in 1996 for treating recalcitrant aqueous organic contaminants for potable water, industrial, and groundwater remediation markets. Commercial HiPOx systems range in size from 5 gpm (27 m3/day) to 21,000 gpm (114,000 m3/day). HiPOx is also approved by the state of California (Title 22) for disinfection of wastewater to enable reuse. HiPOx has treated difficult waters at over 100 commercial sites worldwide.

The patented PulseOx process injects air ozone, oxygen, and hydrogen peroxide directly into the soil to treat contaminated soil and groundwater in-situ. PulseOx was first commercialized in 2002 and has been employed at over 250 sites, including retail petroleum locations, wholesale fuel terminals, and industrial sites. The use of this process is highly beneficial to MET as well, as it has been working to create clean water solutions for many projects worldwide.

The ARo-Nite process biologically reduces nitrate (NO3) to nitrogen utilizing hydrogen to promote and control the growth of naturally occurring autotrophic bacteria on the patented ARo-Nite module. The ARo-Nite process features high efficiency reduction with minimal biomass generation. The ARo- technology has application to reduce other difficult contaminants, including Chrome VI, Perchlorate and Selenate.

“We are excited to add the Advanced Oxidation and Reductive products to our technology offerings” said Margaret Wong, President of MET. “HiPOx and PulseOx are proven technologies that have demonstrated success. Also, the ARO-Nite process is an attractive solution to Nitrate impacted potable water sources. These solutions are very technical in nature, but in summary, what they do is help us to create many environmentally safe solutions, further protecting our ground, air and water,” concluded Wong.

Going forward ARo-Nite, HiPOx and PulseOx will operate under APTwater LLC – a wholly owned subsidiary of MET, headquartered in Sacramento, CA.

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