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HiPOx Advanced Oxidation Process Case Study – Little Arkansas River

Case Study – Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)

The City of Wichita’s Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) Project involves seasonal operation of a water treatment plant to treat storm water from the Little Arkansas River. Treated stormwater is then reinjected into the Equus Beds Aquifer to replenish the regional drinking water supply. Based on successful bench testing in 2009, APTwater’s HiPOx Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) was shown to achieve water quality goals for atrazine reduction, bromated formation control, and disinfection/virus destruction. Unlike competing technologies, major benefits of the HiPOx process include its ability to handle varying water quality conditions and elimination of residual waste streams. Based on pilot testing results for water representing the “worst-case” conditions, the City of Wichita selected the HiPOx system for construction of the 30 million gallon per day (MGD) surface water treatment plant. The successful project achieves all of the Primary Drinking water Standards(PDWS) and maximum contaminant levels(MCLs) required by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment(KDHE).