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How Aronite Works


  • Hydrogen is either generated or delivered on site
  • Carbon Dioxide is delivered on site and used to control pH
  • Carbon Dioxide & Hydrogen are fed to the ARo Reactor creating the optimum environment for the biofilm
  • Contaminated water is fed to the ARo Reactor allowing the biofilm to grow and reduce the target contaminant from the water
  • Treated water is filtered and disinfected using conventional technologies before discharge to distribution system
  •  Naturally occurring biology grows on the surface of a gas diffusion membrane sheet woven of a proprietary hollow fibers
  • Several of these sheets are spiral wound around a water feed tube with a water channel spaced between the sheets
  • Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide are fed to the lumen of the hollow fibers
  • Water passes between the sheets making contact with the biofilm
  • Nitrates are reduced to Nitrogen and Water
  • Over time, cells fall off into water and are filtered