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Nitrate Removal

ARo-Nite: Nitrate → N2 gas

Aro-Nite System

Step 1: Natural gas (methane) is fed to a steam-methane reformer (Future)

Step 2: The reformer splits the methane into Hydrogen and Carbon dioxide (Future)

Step 3: The Hydrogen is fed to the APT Reactor which feeds the Hydrogen to a biofilm. The  biofilm consumes the Hydrogen and the target contaminant from the water.

                  Step 4: The Carbon Dioxide is used for pH control.

                  Step 5: Treated water is filtered and/or disinfected                      using conventional technologies.







Proven Project – Cucamonga Valley Water District 

Client has 12 out of 30 wells shut down due to nitrate contamination

  • All well are high in nitrate >70 ppm
  • Target nitrate <31 ppm
  • Plant operated for demonstration testing for CDPH approval
  • CDPH(California Department of Public Health ) approval of the process received July 2013


ARoNite Process Overview and Monitoring Points


Nitrate Concentration – Lab Test Results

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