PulseOx Petroleum Case Study – Kenton, Delaware

Case Study – MTBE Removal

Chemical Oxidation of a Gasoline Release
Kenton, Delaware Project

  • Dissolved BTEX, MtBE, and TBA impact extended across more than 10 properties (approx. 800 feet) from a UST release.
  • Eight residential supply wells were impacted with MtBE.
  • Insurance limitations required environmental activities cost   through closure not to exceed $600,000.
    • MTBE: 26,572 ppb
    • TBA: 27,000 ppb
    • BTEX: 26,300 ppb
    • Site cleaned up in <1 year.

Site Map – Kenton, DE


Potentiometric Surface

Dissolved BTEX Comparison – Kenton, DE


Dissolved MTBE Comparison – Kenton, DE


Dissolved TBA Comparison – Kenton, DE